Smith Kunz and Associates - Restaurant Accountant in Rexburg


Owning and operating a profitable restaurant requires following the financial recipe for success. Smith, Kunz & Associates offers its professional accounting and financial services to help restaurant owners see

more green in the kitchen.


Smith, Kunz & Associates can sit down and help restaurant owners assess their expenditures and savings to determine how to increase profitability. If you are a restaurant owner, you might want to know how your restaurant is doing compared to other restaurants.


Our certified accountants and financial advisors can do a comparative analysis for your restaurant by zipcode, state, regional, or on a national level, to help you have high and realistic financial expectations for your restaurant. Smith, Kunz & Associates is all about helping your restaurant to maximize its profitability and reach its financial potential. This can be done by setting realistic benchmarks. By accounting for the number of employees, volume of sales, or size of their restaurant, Smith, Kunz & Associates can help restaurants make wise financial decisions for the future. Through proper accounting and wise financial management, your restaurant can continue to leave a lasting legacy for decades.


Accounting Services:


  • Traditional Accounting

  • Tax Planning

  • Payroll

  • Partner Allocations

  • Tax Compliance

  • Financial Statements

  • Retirement Plans

  • CFO for Hire Services

    • Bookkeeping

    • Budgeting

    • Planning

    • Performance Analysis

  • Planning for Equipment Investments

  • Breakeven Analysis


If you are a restaurant owner and you have questions about overtime labor, tips, a transient workforce, or other payroll issues, Smith, Kunz & Associates can help. Our door is always open to businesses for consultations with our top-level accountants and financial advisors. Schedule an appointment with our top-level accountants and financial advisors today.