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TPA Services

Smith, Kunz & Associates offers its professional TPA services to businesses in order to facilitate better services to policyholders. We provide companies greater flexibility to create customized employee benefits plans. Acting in coordination between between the insurers and the insured, we can manage insurance claims processing, eligibility and more. Through our transparent TPA services, Smith, Kunz & Associates can ease the hassle of working with insurance companies and claims processing. Learn more about our services by calling (208) 356-8500.

Retirement Plan Design and Implentation

A 401(k) is not necessarily the best plan for your business.  Neither is a SIMPLE IRA, a SEP-IRA, a Solo-401(k) or the other plans on the alphabet soup list of retirement plans available to you as an employer/small business owner.  After a thorough interview, we can suggest the plan that will be best for the long-term prospects of your company and your individual goals. Our suggestion may not be the plan your broker is pushing (due to the commission or investment fees he can charge) or the plan that gives the biggest tax break this year, only to become a nightmare in future years.  We can explain the long-term consequences, good and bad, of each plan type in concise terms.

We can then help you draft the documents necessary for that plan, guide you through the implantation and setup your first round of contributions.

Non-producing Third Party Administration

Our biggest responsibility as a TPA is to help you stay out of trouble with the IRS and the Department of Labor.  As a plan sponsor, you have a fiduciary requirement to keep up with all new IRS and DOL regulations in administering your plan, and then advise your employees of these regulations.  That job alone can become overwhelming, and most employers simply can’t keep up.  In addition, there are multiple other responsibilities you have, perhaps some of which you’re not even aware. 

Allow us to send out required notices, file annual returns (5500 series), conduct non-discrimination testing, determine distribution eligibility, process participant loans and hardship withdrawals, conduct employee census for eligibility, etc., etc., etc.  This is a compliance burden you can hand-off to us.