Check Out Our Free Small Business Guide

Check Out Our Free Small Business Guide

Business Owner’s Toolkit

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve just completed the addition to our website of our Small Business Guide.  A link appears to the right on every page on our site.  This guide includes thousands of pages of information and tools to help you start, run and grow a successful small business.  Major topics include:

Starting Your Business
Examine what’s involved in starting your own business, and assess whether self-employment is right for you.
Planning Your Business
Learn how to create a winning business plan.
Getting Financing for Your Business
Examine a wide variety of ways to get the money you need to start a business.
Marketing Your Product
Establish your unique selling proposition and make pricing, packaging and advertising decisions.
Winning Government Contracts
Learn the rules that will help you sell to the biggest consumer there is: the U.S. government.
Your Office and Equipment
Assess your needs, then choose and equip the right facility for your business, whether its your home or a dedicated business facility.
People Who Work for You
Hire, manage, and retain the right people.
Managing Your Business Finances
Institute the accounting processes that will provide the information you need to manage your business.
Controlling Your Taxes
Develop effective methods for complying with your sales, income, property, and other tax obligations.
Building Your Personal Wealth
How your business profits will allow you to achieve personal financial goals.
Protecting Your Assets
Strategies to protect your personal and business assets.
Getting Out of Your Business
Develop an effective exit strategy.

Under Business Tools you’ll find ready-to-use business tools to help you get the job done faster and easier, including:

  • Model business documents. Sample letters, contracts, forms, and policies ready for you to customize — from a Sample Independent Contractor Agreement to a Job Application Form.
  • Financial spreadsheet templates. Help for managing your business finances — from balancing your checkbook to creating your own financial statements. Just plug in your numbers.
  • Checklists. Information you need at a glance, from whether you qualify for the home office write-off to the right things to do and say during an employee termination interview.
  • Official Government Forms. A selection of the forms and publications most commonly used by small business owners when filing taxes with the IRS or contracting with the federal government.

We hope you’ll make use of this free resource, and call Smith, Kunz with any further questions at (208) 356-8500.